L'Orchestre Parfum

UK tour

Operation Mare


Saas Growth 

Highlight video of Saas Growth conference on the 21st of June 2018.

4 Days in Andalucia

Operation Ile Des Pins

A micro documentary of a cleaning operation organised by Trecodec a non-profit eco-organism based in New Caledonia.

Both Performers Begin Standing on opposite corners of the room 

An artwork by Canadian artist Nina Davies

However Low The Sun

 An artwork by Danish Artist Kirsten Bertelsen

Billy & Jake

A short Drama written and directed by Andrew Jonathan Smith. 

Promotional video for kickstarter campaign

Professional Body

An artwork by British Artist Rosie Gibbens

Garage Magazine.comCALL ME: In Conversation with Chim↑Pom


Make a dress for Grayson Perry

A video that celebrate the 10th anniversary of 'Make a Dress for Grayson Perry' a Collaboration with the fashion students of Central Saint Martins.