Double Je

A Magnetic Field

History of Posing 

Experimenting with the history of posing in photography and feminity.

Solid Liquid and Foaming Sound

Solid Liquid and Foaming sounds is a series of photographs taken in Ambrym, in Vanuatu a cluster of islands forming an archipelago in the South Pacific. As an islander, I was born and raised in New Caledonia a neighbouring island, my work revolves around exploring and documenting different island cultures within the world. Famously known as 'The Black Magic Island' Ambrym is the Black Magic centre of Vanuatu. Home of two giant Mount Marum and Mount Benbow, the two volcanoes cement the spiritual and black magic belief of the island. For this body of work, I've decided to focus on the intangible quality of black magic by taking photographs of the sublime and deeply contrasting natural elements of the island: water and fire. Opposing each other they both shape and rhythm the island's life. 

Ambrym Volcano

Holiday Corpus

Porthcurno beach
Scala dei Turchi in Sicily