unE artiste

From my experience, being a female artist and photographer is challenging, one feels there is no room for mistakes. The pressure of putting work and content of not only perfectionism but professionalism is high. We get more criticism than the man. We get more looked at than our male counterpart. We are mostly judged by our looks rather than our artistic capabilities.
How can I change this misperception? How can I make a difference not only for myself but my female counterpart?
This project was born from these thoughts, entitled ‘unE artiste’ using the french feminine word for an artist. A small reference to my mother tongue. This series is a statement about empowering women and anyone who identifies themselves as female. Its purpose is to help women getting portraits of themselves that stand out to be recognised as a strong voice.
The series portrays female British performance Artist Rosie Gibbens, a friend of mine from University, one of the few who still considers herself an artist.